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Creating positive experiences.

I believe that every experience should be frictionless, relevant and intuitive.  Experimenting and iterating are at the core of what I teach, and I’m an advocate of “learning by doing” while pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. This is what I practice, whether I’m coaching remote teams or creating digital products and services. 

My services combine:
  • Online and on-site workshops
  • Remote mentorship
  • Culture transformation
  • Empathy
  • Design thinking
  • Agile approaches
  • User research & testing
  • Rapid prototyping

If you’re looking for help to run an online workshop, course or webinar about remote work or UX design, I’d love to connect.


These days I’m working with Hyper Island  and MURAL to deliver online workshops and trainings on UX design, digital marketing and virtual collaboration.  I also consult for organisations on how to improve remote collaboration in dispersed teams.