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Connecting teams, bridging distances.

Transform the way your distributed team operates, communicates and thrives, no matter where it’s located.

In the era of new ways of working, success lies in adaptability and intentional collaboration. I specialize in supporting organizations craft solutions that elevate your team's effectiveness and well-being in:

Remote and Hybrid Collaboration Practices
Embrace the power of flexible work structures with customized approaches to optimize any kind of collaboration within your organization.

Communication Excellence 
Improve synchronous and asynchronous communication to ensure seamless information flow and team connectivity, fostering a sense of unity among dispersed team members.

Values-Driven Strategies 
Identify your company's core values and translate them into actionable plans. Together, we'll weave these values into the fabric of your organization, guiding decision-making at every level.

Virtual and In-Person Engagements
Plan and execute virtual or in-person company retreats, team offsites, and a variety of engaging online events, from meetings and workshops to webinars, social gatherings, and team-building activities.

Remote Handbook Expertise
Document a comprehensive remote handbook, outlining your company's philosophy, operations, and policies. This valuable resource will serve as a guide for employees, ensuring alignment with your organizational vision.

Holistic Employee Experience
From talent attraction to offboarding, I design and implement a holistic employee experience that transcends physical boundaries, creating a cohesive and positive work environment.

Employee Well-Being and Psychological Safety
Foster a people-centric company culture by prioritizing employee well-being and psychological safety. A healthy and happy team is a productive team.

Internal Communication Initiatives 
Formulate and launch internal communication initiatives to keep your team informed, engaged, and aligned with organizational goals, regardless of their geographical locations.

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“Laïla is an absolute top player in remote and hybrid collaboration, and much of what I know I learned from her. I had the fortunate experience of working alongside her for over five years. Despite being separated by an ocean and six time zones, we could still connect and produce great work together. Laïla is the real deal and practices what she preaches. I highly recommend her for leveling up teamwork and fostering a culture of collaboration in your organization.”
Jim Kalbach, Chief Evangelist at Mural

“Laïla has been an incredibly valuable partner to Workplaceless. We've relied on her extensive remote work expertise to help us build data and experience informed trainings that have helped individuals, teams, and companies around the world adopt more effective flexible work practices. She's not only an expert in this space, she's also a model of virtual collaboration excellence—she communicates proactively, sets clear expectations, and designs workflows and processes that maximize both impact and time.”
Tammy Bjelland, Founder at Workplaceless

“Laïla's impact on our organization was transformative. She navigated us away from technical jargon and internally focused language. With her exceptional design thinking and insightful understanding of our underlying issues, Laïla not only revamped our website but led our team on a journey to rediscover the core of our organization. She aligned us on key building blocks and translated vast information into clear, inspirational content. This overhaul allowed our teams to effectively communicate value propositions, turning our website into a 24/7 sales platform. Thanks to Laïla's work, we surpassed growth targets and eventually merged with another nonprofit, forming the world's largest organization dedicated to NGO capacity-building. Thank you, Laïla!”
Robert Maylath, Director of Development & Partnerships at LINGOs