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I help people work from anywhere.

My mission is to enable distributed teams to cultivate a successful company culture to work better remotely.
I discovered remote work in 2014 when the trend of living as a digital nomad was rising rapidly. That’s when I decided that I wouldn’t restrict my life to working in the same location with a 9-to-5 job. To this day, I still believe that being location-independent allows us to engage in experiences that inspire us, both on a personal and professional level

In my early days, I researched Remote Design Thinking and published my insights online to share them with the design community. This led me to work as a UX designer at Hannoa fully remote design team with no office—my teammates were spread across Europe and southeast Asia and only met online to get work done. Together, we helped startups, non-profits and enterprises launch digital products and services. In 2017 we launched the Remote Starter Kit to give everyone all the tools, processes and tips to kick off their remote work experience, long before the entire world was forced into it by a global pandemic.

In 2018 I began my journey at Mural, a digital whiteboard that helps teams collaborate better and work from anywhere. I started in Customer Success, then joined Mural’s leadership team as I launched the People Operations team to redesign our distributed employee experience. As the company went through hypergrowth (from 100+ to 1000+ employees in two years), I helped shape Mural's culture, values, remote work best practices, and retreats—including an unforgettable award-winning hybrid virtual retreat. Lastly I was part of the Thought Leadership team, showcasing new ways of working to our customers, community, and the world.

Remote work is undeniably changing our lives and views on how work is done. My experiences in distributed companies have inspired and supported others to take the leap and break away from traditional ways of working that are no longer aligned with people’s lifestyles and needs—the remote revolution is already here and we can all learn how to thrive with it.

If you’d like to set up a distributed team or learn how to work better virtually, let’s chat!