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The remote revolution is already here. 

A collection of my interviews, podcasts, writings and side projects on virtual collaboration, design and more.

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Virtual Retreats
During the lockdowns caused by Covid-19, the CEO at Mural asked me to create two virtual company retreats. The result was Mural World Tour in 2020 and Mural Renaissance in 2021 — the first event won a Think Global Award in the “Outstanding Hybrid/Virtual Event” category in 2022. Below is a talk I gave on the inspiration and experience of both events.

Remote Design Thinking  
In 2015, I published my master’s thesis for Hyper Island on Remote Design Thinking: A study on how remote design teams can apply design thinking effectively.
It includes an in-depth case study and recommendations on how to do a 5-day design sprint for location independent teams:

Remote Starter Kit
The Remote Starter Kit is a list of tools and processes for remote teams that was made when remote work was still in its early stages.
In 2017, it was voted #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt and published in the German online magazine t3N.

Health Redesigned
HealthRedesigned is a podcast I helped launch at Hanno to have conversations on developing digital products for better health and wellness. I hosted and assisted in the production of the first 27 episodes of Season 1.